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Yuuki Kyouko (結城 京子, Yūki Kyōko?) is the wife of Shouzou and the mother of Asuna and Kouichirou.


Yuuki is a fairly tall, middle-aged woman. Even though she is thin, her solid frame removes any sense of slimness. Her hair, which is dyed in a rich, brown color, is parted to the sides neatly cut along her jaw. Even though her face is beautiful, her high nose and jawline, as well as the deep wrinkles near her mouth create a severely cold impression.[5] Kyouko also has brown eyes.[6]


Yuuki Kyouko was a cold person who had resented being born in a family of farmers and desired a better future for her daughter. To achieve this, Kyouko was willing to regulate various aspects of her daughter's life, from her education institution to her future spouse.


Kyouko was born to a rice farmer family in Miyagi with a forest-like, traditional Japanese home.[7] As she grew up, she resented her status, and she wished that she was born to an upper-class family. After Asuna was born, she strove for her daughter to have a better life and a husband with a strong financial background, even choosing Sugou Nobuyuki as her future husband.[citation needed] Despite this resulting in disaster, Kyouko attempted to set Asuna up with her cousin, Yuuya, who she thought was materially free, though she claimed that anyone else who was outstanding would be fine.


Mother's RosarioEdit

When Asuna arrived late for dinner on January 6, 2026, Kyouko sternly chided her for tardiness. As the two ate in silence, Kyouko rebuked Asuna for her usage of the AmuSphere to work on her assignments, believing it detracted from her academic performance. When Asuna protested that her grades for her second semester at the SAO Survivor School were sufficient, Kyouko declared that evaluations from that facility were inadequate, and thus announced that Asuna would be receiving lessons from a personal tutor for the next semester. She also revealed she had used her connections to procure access to a test that would allow her to transfer to another high school. This school would allow her to graduate in a single semester, and thus be admitted to a university the following autumn.

Upon Asuna objecting to her actions, Kyouko criticized the low standards and requirement of Asuna's current school, declaring it to be little more than a method of monitoring the teenage survivors of Sword Art Online, whom she derided as children killing each other, despite Asuna being among their number. Kyouko further declared her belief that Asuna's continued attendance at the survivor school would limit her choices in life and restrict her potential. She continued the topic by voicing her desire to see her child make full use of her abilities and have a career she could be proud of.

When Asuna argued that her mother was the one limiting her choices by attempting to choose her spouse for her, Kyouko asserted that marriage to a financially stable individual was part of a successful career. Although willing to let Asuna to choose her husband herself, Kyouko demanded that her chosen person was worthy of her, revealing that this did not include other students from the SAO Survivor School, including Kazuto, whom she had already investigated and deemed unfit. Just as Asuna was about to leave to her room, Kyouko was briefly shocked by her daughter questioning whether she still felt shame due to being born to farmers, before angrily ordering her to return, to no avail.

The next evening on January 7, when Asuna failed to appear for dinner again, Kyouko went to her room and disconnected her AmuSphere mid-game, as she had promised the last time Asuna was late for a meal from the previous month. She also warned her that the next time this happened, she would be confiscating the AmuSphere.

On January 12, Kyouko reluctantly agreed to use the AmuSphere to have a conversation with her daughter in her world. There, she realized that Asuna's chosen destination looked like her childhood home. Influenced by her experience that day, the next morning on January 13, she permitted Asuna to stay in her current school for the time being, but informed her that she had to work hard to become strong enough to support the person of her choice.


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