The Weapon Crafting System refers to a system that allows player blacksmiths to craft weapons in Sword Art Online.


Weapon crafting

An ingot being crafted into a weapon.

Before a weapon can be crafted, the "Production" option on the pop-up window of the blacksmith's furnace must be selected[1], then the blacksmith needs to put the chosen metal into the furnace for the material to be sufficiently heated[2]. The heated metal is then moved onto an anvil and the blacksmith can choose the desired weapon type via a pop-up window.[2] The metal must then be hit with the blacksmith's hammer a certain number of times, depending on the type of weapon and the rank of the material, before the metal takes the form of the chosen weapon type.[2] Once the manufacturing process is completed, the system assigns the appearance, which is influenced by the material used in crafting, stats and a name for the sword.[2] The strength of the crafted weapon is proportional to the number of hits that were needed during crafting.[3]


  • Player-crafted swords are, on average, better than equivalent monster-drop weapons, though there are exceptions.[4]
  • The appraisal window shows the name of the maker of the weapon if it is player-made.[4]
  • Unlike enhancement, crafting does not have any complete failure result, as the players will always succeed in crafting a weapon.[3] However, weapon crafting has an aspect of randomness: even if all the parameters during the crafting remain the same, the weapon's quality may still differ each time.[2][3]
  • Weapons may be converted into ingots and reused in crafting.[5]
  • Sword Art Online has a large diversity of weapon names and appearance, which increase with the rank of the metal used, thus weapons made from high-ranking materials are usually unique.[2]
  • In Aincrad, there is a large variety of ingots, from real ones, like iron and copper, to mythical ones, like Mithril.[3]