Water Breathing (ウォーター・ブレシング, Uōtā Bureshingu?) is a water-element spell in ALfheim Online.



Water Breathing Buff Icon

Once the incantation is completed, all party members of the caster are engulfed in bubbles and gain the ability to temporarily breathe underwater. Additionally, those affected have an icon added to their list of buffs, displayed beside their HP bar, which depicts a fish and a number of bubbles to symbolize breathing underwater.


Oss[1] naða[1] fjor[1] fiskr,[1] bàrum[1] svalr[1] vatn.[1]


Ōsu nāza fōru fisukuru, baramu suvāru vaton.[3]

Give us the life of fish, and allow us to endure the cold water.[4]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
N/A Extra Edition N/A Asuna cast the spell for her party to be able to stay under water to complete the underwater quest.


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