Hello guys c: I am Kira o3o I come from Fairy Tail wikia :D I really like this anime so i thought i could join this wikia ^^ I know a guy that can help you :D he joined too, his name is Erik98 :3

So, about me:

I really love animals :D Especialy cats, dogs and LLAMAS! I am a llama maniac 8D

Let me prove this to you... *ahem*

My brother ( Erik98 , yes, he is my brother ) told me that we will get new mobile phones ... and i was like "oh cool" , but the next day my mother told me that we may go to a zoo where llamas are kept and i was like "OMG SRSLY :D WOOT" and eventually told all of my friends o3o

so, yeah, here's one proof. Oh, my mobile phones display picture is of a llama (no, im not with the new one yet, i will get it in February or somewhen then). Actually, I have 2 pages of display, or something like that, so i can put 2 pictures ... so i found awesome pictures of llamas and put them there ... okay, no more prooves coz ... *ahem* you will think im crazier o3o

So, my favourite colours are Black, White, Red (kinda o3o), Yellow (bright duck yellow o3o yes, duck, dont judge me D: ) and Brown (?) , but the grayish brown one c:

My favourite kind(s) of music(s) are/is:

Pop and Rock :3

Please comment o3o i would love to meet you guys!!

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