So I finally read up the most recent volume and chapter of SAO! 8D

It's very exciting. For those of you who haven't gotten there yet, I really encourage it. There's a progression and change in mood as the series progresses, but I think it's pretty cool that way too. Fluctlights continue to confuse me, probably because as far as I understand about neuroscience, there are such thing as no fluctuating lights in microtubules, but in either case, the series continues to get dramatic.

I'm really glad that they went back the level of danger SAO had--it's much more interesting in when the characters need to pay particular attention that they don't die. In that kind of sense, I like the current Alicization Arc better than ALO. xD I'm a little sad that we're only running with Eugao and Kirito lately, though. I really can't wait until they broaden up their party in the underworld. I think one of the best parts of SAO is the character relations, and I'm looking forward to when they gain another party member!

xDDD Anyways, enough of my rambling. There's still a lot of empty spaces on this wiki though, and there's a lot to fill in! Unfortunately, I'll be spending the next month on NaNoWriMo, so my activity might drop, but pardon me as I pop back in and out!


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