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    Up to date!

    November 1, 2012 by Zxqwerxz

    So I finally read up the most recent volume and chapter of SAO! 8D

    It's very exciting. For those of you who haven't gotten there yet, I really encourage it. There's a progression and change in mood as the series progresses, but I think it's pretty cool that way too. Fluctlights continue to confuse me, probably because as far as I understand about neuroscience, there are such thing as no fluctuating lights in microtubules, but in either case, the series continues to get dramatic.

    I'm really glad that they went back the level of danger SAO had--it's much more interesting in when the characters need to pay particular attention that they don't die. In that kind of sense, I like the current Alicization Arc better than ALO. xD I'm a little sad tha…

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  • Zxqwerxz


    October 29, 2012 by Zxqwerxz

    So I was systematically running through the Sword Art Online material, and I was beginning to wonder if we had a policy on stub pages (or lists).

    There are a whole lot of items/monsters/etc that are mentioned one time through the whole course of series, and I was wondering if we should create a brand new page for these one-time monsters, or should we seek to have an aggregate page that is "List of Items in SAO," or something like that?

    xD I just wanted to clarify these sorts of things before I start spamming the Wiki with a whole lot of new pages.

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