So, I thought that I would make a blog post on my favourite SAO characters in a list, with reasonings with it.

so, here we go ;)

1. Kirito/Kazuto Kirigaya - My main reason for having Kirito as my favourite character, is that in the end, the others are always able to depend on him to help them, in SAO and ALO it was shown that he would do all he could to help those in need.

2. Lisbeth/Rika Shinozaki - Rika was pretty much my favourite character from when I first read the Light Novel, but then Kirito over took her in my favourite characters, she's a great character, and see's many things that the other characters don't (so feelings for each other, while the others don't notice it until a little while later)

3. Asuna/Asuna Yuuki - My reason for having Asuna on my list, is because she is quick to the trigger, hitting people quickly out of embarrassment or anger, and always scolding people which I find immensely funny through the anime and light novels

4. Yui -  Yui is a great character, she adds a younger perspective into the story, and kind of brings a more familiar perspective to it.

5. Klein/Ryoutarou Tsuboi - Klein being one of the first characters we meet in the anime, and also Kiritos best friend, brings him up on the list, he's a funny bloke to be honest, working hard during SAO and later on, on ALO.

that's all for now, but there will definitely be more when I have time to think about them all

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