I have been looking around a lot for any proof of them keeping the series going. Even if they decided not to continue the series, I wouldn't mind because it had a great ending (oh if you are wonder what Kirito muttered to Yui, Asuna, and Leafa during the last couple seconds of the episode, well i think he said something like " a game where you die is too easy", just my best guess and remember that only Asuna and Leaf  made surprised expressions) and there is always the light novels to look forward to (even if they take like half a year to translate), but it would still be awesome if they kept it going.

Ok I am deeply sorry, I just watched that seen at the end of the episode, and i still can't believe I haven't seen it until now, I feel like such a newb. But never mind that, the point of this blog was too see your opinions on them continuing the series, so if you find any form of proof or any ideas, please comment. Again I truly am sorry, and thank you for telling me. Also if you have any idea on what Kirito muttered to Asuna, Leafa, and Yui during the end of episode 25, and I would like some actual answers that sound serious in the anime.

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