Fans and administrators I have a request or for some of you a challenge.

See I am currently reading the light novels, and I am reading by chronological order. And well I find the hardest things are too keep track of the floor level, the year, the level Kirito is, important deaths, and stuff like that. I just finished the Red-nosed Reindeer story and well obviously the light novels are always going to be a bit different from the anime. It could just be me, but either way I basically want a better timeline or a new one if needed regarding everything. And who knows this could benefit other as well.

So the request I have to people like the administrators is to have a timeline that is clear to understand or is well better the one we already have on this wiki (no affence to who ever made that one). Or to those who believe they are the ultimate SAO fan, I challenge them to make a timeline that follows these guidelines.

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