After finishing the anime I told myself that I was going to explode if they didn't continue you it to Gun Gale Online. But now that I look at it well, just try and imagine if after episode 25 or even Volume 4 THEY DIDN'T CONTINUE IT?

All of the probelms were solved, the hero wooped the bag guy's but and saved the girl, and there was a happy ending. If you ask me, I personally felt content and thought there was aperfect ending to this great and amazing series. I am not saying that I want it to end, heck no I would write a 5 thousand page describing the series everyday for a month if I had to, but there is still no word of them going on with the series and I mean like nothing but rumors that we think are going to be heard at the next meeting.

So ask you, just out of curiosity, would you be okay if they didnt continue the series? 51% of me would be okay, but the rest 49% wants more and hopes they continue it on. 

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