Just out of curiosity, what do you think would happen if Lyfa dived in the death game SAO? Would she have met up with Kirito, defeat Healthcliff, or die in the game?

Any ideas would work really , I am just curious.

Well after all these comments, I think it is pretty obvious a whole bunch of things could've happened. In the end though, I am glad of how the story is and wouldn't want anything as big as this to be changed. I mean a possibility of Asuna and Kirto not becoming a couple or not even meeting up!? Even though it would have been interesting, I don't want to look at the past too much, and I look forward to the fact that the anime might continue to Gun Gale Online (I really hope they do, and check my other blog if you have any questions about that).

P.S.- If Lyfa was in SAO, then who would help Kirito find Asuna in ALO? Thats the way the anime played out, and I am happy with the conclusion.

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