Warning: Spoilers for web novels and end of Volume 18. Continue reading at your own risk. So apparently the main light novel series won't be ending at 18 volumes. From what I've heard so far, at the end of volume 18 there was a teaser that Kirito will be returning again, whatever that mean. Nevertheless, I find this prospective future to be intriguing. I look forward to seeing what's in store.

Which has prompted a few questions I would like to ask of you: what do you think will happen to Alice? According to the web novels, she gained a ridiculously humanoid robot body to interact in the real world, so what will she do afterwards? Will she be successful in winning full equality and rights for other advanced AI like her in her lifspan? Will the fate of the Underworld be different from the web novels? What will the next arc focus on and how long will it take? (Hopefully not quite as long as Alicization. That was quite long enough.) And how will all the main SAO stories shown so far tie into Accel World, since they are not too far from each other chronologically?

Speaking of storylines, what of the other linear stories we have been following? Progressive will inevitably end with the beginning of Volume 1, regardless of the changes that may result for the details in the earlier Aincrad stories, but what about Girls' Ops? SAO Alternative GGO? Clover's Regret? Is it possible they will tie into the main storyline in some way? How will they impact it? And will they appear in some form in Accel World as well?

And what of the characters we've come to know throughout the VR worlds, particularly Underworld? Which one of them, aside from Kirito and the main cast, will make an appearance in the next arc? How much of a significant role will they take? How will they affect the stories in Accel World? And what of the original characters in the video games, such as Strea and Philia, Rain and Seven, Sumeragi and Premiere? Is it possible they will show up in the main series, even if only as cameos? (Because I know a few people who would love seeing a certain pink-purple haired two-handed swordswoman made canon.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this and sorry if this causes any conflict among you.

P.S. If anyone decides to comment on this blog and answer the questions within it, please do so seriously. I don't want any jokers messing around on it. (Though of course by saying this I've probably already ensured some of them will.)

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