Hey guys, I'm back sort of and needed to post a blog to kill off time since I'm still not good in the grammar writing yet.

Since then when I got bored, I happen to stumble upon Overlord, a series that has the mix of SAO and Log Horizon that tells a story of a one extremely powerful player Lord Momonga who ended up trapped in YGGDRASIL after he refused to log out when the DMMORPG online game came to an end and decided to make a name for himself in this new world. It was very enjoyable to watch the ongoing Overlord anime series.

I wonder if there's gonna be a SAO crossover with Overlord probably in fanart or fanfiction I believe. I might try make one myself if I had the time. Something like Kirito and Company (and Harem, lol) were in Momonga's world and the Overlord himself was surprised to see other players still in the game.

So what do you guys think of it? Feel free to comment