Hello guys. I'm relatively new here (just created account few days ago and wrote about 20 posts), but I have been diehard fan of SAO since 2012 - first anime season. Since then it's been one of my favourite series. So now, 4 years has passed and I can proudly say that I finally bought light novel series: volume 1 to 11 as so much got published with official translation in my country. As you can see in the title, it is my first light novel I ever bought, and only my third product from Japan (the first was Love Hina #1 of manga and second plastic model of Wing Gundam Zero Custom).

A few words about volumes. First of all I was suprised by how thick each book was. When I heard the term "light novel" I thought of rather small content with simple, not complicated text. Couldn't be more wrong! Despite small format, the number of pages is more than satysfying. Plus material (both of paper and coverback) is of high quality. Taking into consideration these facts, term "light novel" is very misleading, at least for me. Because, ultimately, it is normal book, the same as of western authors.

Seconldy the art. Of course I have already seen them on the internet, but looking at them direclty really makes you admire the artist and respect how much work he put into his drawings. Though they used different style in anime (that I got used too), style of light novel is also beautiful and climatic.

Third about polish edition. I can say about the quality of translation and language as I haven't read it yet. But, and you probably noticed this, the most astonishing thing is the pace they keep publishing. First novel was released over two years ago and till December this year they want to publish another 2 volumes (13 volume in little more than two and a half years!). If they keep the pace, they will release #18 at the end of 2017. Truth to be told, I don't know how is it possible, as I have alwyas thought that my country is retarded in the matter of localization japanese products. Guess I was wrong.

Ok guys, that would be all for now. It is also my first this kind of blog post ever written, so I hope I didn't make myself laughing-stock. Anyway, I also wanted to ask other users. Do you also bought SAO novels? What was your reaction/emiotions opening the delivery. What is the situation of official translation in your country?

PS. And of course the picture they used for bookmark is the best choice ever -

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