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  • Valgaaf

    Hello guys. I'm relatively new here (just created account few days ago and wrote about 20 posts), but I have been diehard fan of SAO since 2012 - first anime season. Since then it's been one of my favourite series. So now, 4 years has passed and I can proudly say that I finally bought light novel series: volume 1 to 11 as so much got published with official translation in my country. As you can see in the title, it is my first light novel I ever bought, and only my third product from Japan (the first was Love Hina #1 of manga and second plastic model of Wing Gundam Zero Custom).

    A few words about volumes. First of all I was suprised by how thick each book was. When I heard the term "light novel" I thought of rather small content with simpleā€¦

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