For those of us poor saps who only speak english (or just not japanese) we'll have to wait for the translators at Baka-Tsuki to finish translation on Volume 11, which just came out 2 days ago in Japan. Basically, we'll have to wait at least 6 months for them to finish.

So I'll just base a couple predictions based on the Novel Illustrations, seeing as I have nothing better to do...

Judging by the cover, (and some of the illustrations will support this) Alicization Turning will likely start off on the same year (in terms of Underworld) that Volume 10 left off at, with him and Eugeo's subordinates and such. It seems the four of them will become very close, and this Volume may in fact be centered around that aspect, for the most part.

Judging by some of the illustrations, Kirito's trouble making aspect may lead him into some consequenses, and he might possibly break the Taboo Index.
It also seems like we'll finally be introduced to the grown up Alice, who will obviously be drastically different than what Eugeo remembers her to be.

There are a couple illustrations that are difficult to interpret without context, so that's all I can really think of.. I've never read the web-version, mostly because I don't know where it is XD But I'm told that the story takes a very dark turn around this point, so I guess we'll see..

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