• SolagenegaloS

    Hi! I've recently signed up. I've previously made a post about Asuna weapon in Alicization Exploding, so I will go on with information about other weapons that have appeared in Alicization Awakening (if anyone hasn't posted about it).

    Leafa Leafa's weapon is called Valduras(?) Anima (ヴァーデュラス・アニマ). It's the one-handed sword with the green jewel seen with her in the cover of volume 17.

    Sinon Sinon's weapon is a bow called Annihilate Ray (アニヒレート・レイ).

    It seems that there are special abilities coming with the super accounts (or the weapons, I still don't know).

    Asuna ability is called "Mugen Chikei Sosa" (無限地形操作).

    Leafa ability is called "Museigen Kaifuku" (無制限回復).

    It seems that Sinon possess two special abilities: "Kohan'i Senmetsu Kogeki" (広範囲殲滅攻撃)…

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