Inspired by Athletiger's blogpost, I decided to make my own list of things that needed some love. I know I took care of most of the swords and Dim1 and Hao-sama took most of the MEs (sorry if someone else did them) so aside from the two Alicization things (which I don't want to touch) in his blogpost, it should be fairly finished. While some things are bound to be insanely small articles, even if they just find themselves one sentence on a list, here is what I feel we should add:


Sword Art Online

ALfheim Online


Project Alicization


Sword Art Online



ALfheim Online


Sword Art Online


ALfheim Online

I'll add more tomorrow, these are just what I could think of off the top of my head. I feel that anyone can make these kinds of lists since we can't exactly edit one master one unless we make it an actual page and it will give newcomers and boredom sufferers some guidance.

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