At this point the Character Stats are all I have that I feel are worth establishing as worthy of posting.

Currently a player of Level 1 starts with 6 Stat Points to distribute freely among the areas. For balancing purposes I was forced to add several new stats to accomodate for systems that I otherwise couldn't replicate.


  • Movement speed is Agility divided by three, rounded up, plus 2</li>
  • Minimum dodge roll to hit is your Agility minus strikers Strength</li>
  • Agility divided by two is your maximum Switch range</li>


  •  </li>
  • Carry capacity is equal to strength take away one for each inventory item and equipment weight</li></li>
  • In offence mode bonus damage is any unused carry capacity</li></li>
  • In defence mode bonus defence is applied for any unused carry capacity</li></li>


  • You may spend Energy on Skill usage</li>
  • You regenerate your full Energy stat by sleeping</li>
  • Choosing to regenerate Energy in combat gives you 1 plus 1 for every 10 Energy stat you have</li></li>


  • If your Will equals or exceeds Paralysis potency level then you can roll to overcome it</li>
  • Your maximum Health is equal to your Will stat</li>
  • You regenerate your Health by your full Will stat by sleeping</li>
  • Choosing to regenerate Health in combat gives you 1 plus 1 for every 10 Will stat you have</li>


  • Defence minus strikers Strength is minimum role to ignore bonus damage.


    Addendum: 3 Stat points are earned per level, this is based on the canon but I am unsure of balance prospects. Equipment can further enhance stats, and add other non-basic stats, alongside Skills.

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