In this blog, I'm going to list Sword Art Online season one and two episodes. There is a reason that these videos are not allowed in articles, which I will explain in the Notes section.


Season 1

Extra Edition

Season 2


For those who plan to edit based on these videos or just wondering why these videos are not allowed in articles, here the reason, quoted from a reply by Gsimenas, who has been leading the community for years.

we will NOT be adding those episodes to the articles themselves, nor advertise the availability of those episodes, because:

1. Crunchyroll translations are horrible. Especially when it comes to naming (e.g. Ballet of Bullets instead of "Bullet of Bullets" even though it's written in plain English in the very first seconds of the episode, "Zexceed" instead of "XeXeeD"; like C9 had said, these kinds of errors are a major source of edits where people change official naming to Crunchyroll naming and that only causes us problems instead of helping us) and now they've started embarrassing and lazily done spell transcriptions. They just don't care about quality. But we do care about the quality of our articles.

2. Crunchyroll has a 1 month delay for streaming in Europe. We're not going to advertise a streamer who can only be viewed by specific people.

3. The files are horribly named. Let alone naming the file as "File:File [...]" which is rather redundant (and makes it harder to find the episode), the episode titles are taken from Crunchyroll and 90% or more of them are INCORRECT, since they translate the titles themselves instead of checking up with the official source (the official anime site has official English titles for the episodes). And we can't rename those files at least locally to correct those mistakes.

TL;DR: Don't use translation from CrunchyRoll (or BakaRoll, since they are bound to have translation errors).

  • For Season 1 and Extra Edition, these country has been licensed: Siberia, Russia, Lithuania, Finland. And for country that hasn't/won't be licensed: Indonesia, German, America. For other country: hasn't been confirmed.