At first, I'm thinking to write this list in an article. But, after considering it further, I now decided to write this on a blog post so I don't need to worry about quality control and still be read by people who happen to find this blog somehow, whereas Beta Page have least chance to be read.

Enough chit-chat; below is the list of Memory Defrag Extra Quest. This is certainly not a complete list of it, but I will try as much as I can make the list as complete as possible. If you guys have any suggestion or info that would contribute to the completion of the list, write on the comment below.


Japanese Name Title Translation Stage Type Enemy Level Boss Summary
新しい竜型モンスターの出現 Story - -
嵐竜の住処へ Battle 15 Wind Dragon
嵐竜攻略作戦 Story - -
<<嵐竜ザーファン テンベスト>> Battle 20 X'rphan the Temptest Wyrm
飛竜の秘密を求めて1 Battle 20 Large Slime
飛竜の秘密を求めて2 Battle 25 Large Ape
飛竜の<<ある生態>> Story - -
再び嵐竜の住処へ Battle 25 Wind Dragon
嵐竜の生態 Battle 30 X'rphan the Tempest Wyrm
クエストを終えて Quest finished Story - -
嵐竜の生態 上級 Battle 50 X'rphan the Tempest Wyrm
嵐竜の生態 超級 Battle 80 X'rphan the Tempest Wyrm
嵐竜の生態 絶級 Battle 100 X'rphan the Tempest Wyrm



Japanese Name Title Translation Stage Type Enemy Level Boss Summary
クエストクリア? Story - -
手がかりを求めて Battle 15 Vanarus Lord
領主の屋敷 Story - -
迷宮洞窟 Battle 15 Ancient Elemental
《牛の怪人》 Battle 20 Large Mantis
洞窟の真相 Story - -
七人の生贄 Battle 25 Large Elemental
怪人あらわる Battle 25 Minotaurus
暴かれた正体 Battle 30 Minotaurus
贖罪 Story - -
迷宮洞窟の怪人 上級 Battle 50 Minotaurus
迷宮洞窟の怪人 超級 Battle 80 Minotaurus
迷宮洞窟の怪人 絶級 Battle 100 Minotaurus

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