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    In this blog, I'm going to list Sword Art Online season one and two episodes. There is a reason that these videos are not allowed in articles, which I will explain in the Notes section.

    TL;DR: Don't use translation from CrunchyRoll (or BakaRoll, since they are bound to have translation errors).

    • For Season 1 and Extra Edition, these country has been licensed: Siberia, Russia, Lithuania, Finland. And for country that hasn't/won't be licensed: Indonesia, German, America. For other country: hasn't been confirmed.
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    At first, I'm thinking to write this list in an article. But, after considering it further, I now decided to write this on a blog post so I don't need to worry about quality control and still be read by people who happen to find this blog somehow, whereas Beta Page have least chance to be read.

    Enough chit-chat; below is the list of Memory Defrag Extra Quest. This is certainly not a complete list of it, but I will try as much as I can make the list as complete as possible. If you guys have any suggestion or info that would contribute to the completion of the list, write on the comment below.

    Japanese Name Title Translation Stage Type Enemy Level Boss Summary
    Story - -

    Battle 15 Wind Dragon

    Story - -

    <<嵐竜ザーファン テンベスト…

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