...Originally I snapped some photo from the magazine, but the anti-productivity windows 8 identify my undo move command as completely erase the folder's existence and not even prompting anything for confirmation, so I'm going to describe most of them with text..

  • From the back of the collaboration novel attached to the Magazine, it said next volume DBM will be a SAO grand special collection
  • the yuuki shino asuna poster is a bit too large that my room have not enough space to put it up.....
  • Anyone want those GREE/Mobage game's code, or codes for Dengeki Mobile Neo that attached to this magazine? Leave a comment below.
  • descriptions about character's summer uniform. Originally I am going to attach a snapshot for that description here, but now please go to blame Microsoft.
  • And seem the interview of Kirito's seiyuu on feeling of the Extra edition talked a bit about content of extra edition? go blame microsoft for I cannot provide detail her <-.<-
  • yes, the code provided for SAO: EW together with the magazine is a premium card called Trapped Fairy Hime, valid till 2014-2-25. Again, same as above.
  • The information should have be released somewhere beforehand, Dengeki Fighting Climax is expected to reach Japanese Arcade at Spring 2014, port to console release date undecided. Playable main character know so far include Asuna, Kuroyukihime, Shana, Misaka Mikoto, etc. and support character include Kamijou Toma, Holo, Haruyuki, Leafa, etc. official site:
  • Dengeki released a new news app called Dengeki Bunko News (for android) that would provide all latest info of Dengeki Bunko, like which book to be published at when, their introduction, new novel trial read, and so on.
  • To celebrate 20th Anniversary of Dengeki Bunko, a new smartphone game that include different Dengeki Bunko character and some mini game with card-collection function had been released to Android and will available for iPhone.
  • Dengeki are gradually releasing e-book version of their novels via book walker
  • Introduction to Dengeki G's Comic Festival! Comic Vol.33
  • What's "Trump Card"?
  • Introduction of Dengeki Stamp Calendar (a freemium app currently available on iPhone and will be ported to Android.) You can collect SAO-related sound sample and wallpapers from it. And then they will become part of your electronic stamp calendar.
  • In latest chapter of AW comic, Kuroyukihime is going to her Okinawa trip
  • In accel world 4koma, this chapter it become Little*Witch Magical Vivi. Waiting for translation.
  • It is so sad that no one remember SAO Anime's setting, in both FD manga and GO manga, both illustrators used SAO's HP bar in ALO. Are that coincidental or intended? And as we have the Manga>Anime policy, should we re-write description about ALO's status bar? In FD manga, the SAO style bar had been drawn for 3 times separately for Kirito, and in GO, neko^3 drawn 4 times the status bar, separately for silica, Lisbeth, Leafa, and Kuro. all of them are SAO style. None of illustrations have MP bar. And for unknown reason, name of Kuro aren't show in her status bar. Also, name of Silica does not capitalize there.
  • Even in SAO 4koma manga, why are recon wanted in C30,000 instead of Y? currency in ALO is Yrd instead of Cor right?
  • They are selling a badge like in 1890Yen. (25cm diameter)
  • Seem Dengeki Bunko is ready to publish something breaking record-long length of light novel name:

男子高校生で売れっ子ライトノベル作家をしているけれど、年下のクラスメイトで声優の女の子に首を絞められている。I ―Time to Play―〈上〉
著者/時雨沢恵一 イラスト/黒星紅白
定価 (本体590円+税)
Book name's tr4anslation, powered by Google Translate:
You are the hottest light novel writer in high school boy, but has been strangled girl voice actor classmate younger. I-Time to Play-<top>
The only thing that surprised me is its writer and illustrator aren't someone new that have to attract people with super long name...

  • In a novel that named as maoh kaku in short, its character popularity vote give the rank1 character 666 vote...combining with other characters, who believe that isn't manipulated...
  • If magazine buyer send back reader comment form to them before Jan10, 2013, 8 of those reader would have a chance of receiving prize, and 2 of those prize would be 30 pages of SAO's script.
  • Vote: who do you most wanted to be with to celebrate Christmas?

1. Asuna 29%
3. Kirito 10%
7. silica 6%
Others 5%
looking for translation of comments given and other non-SAO characters...

  • The Sinon drawing submitted by reader listed in reader's corner aren't bad, although just copying her posture in previous poster.
  • Is Kirito holding roses in the second last page of the magazine?
  • In next volume, they will interview Asuna's seiyuu
  • Next volume DBM will attach a Leafa little figure and the second part of this volume's poster
  • Thus, next month, I'll have to go to bookstore at the very same day the magazine released and get it in order to prevent being charged double over the original price (by original, I mean the original price that the magazine can be obtained locally) like this time.........

Something unrelated to the magazine: ISML is now holding a "Bonus Round – Grand Finale Free-for-all: Choose one (1) character from all 72 Contestants" contest. please head over to ISML to support Asuna or Leafa or whoever character you liked within 24 hours starting from 1500 GMT – 29 December 2013.

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