Note that, by the time of 2005, the serialization of Alicization had just started and some short stories hadn't been written, which explained the low popularity of characters from those stories in this poll. Every characters in this poll were given an Q&A time, and that's the 2005 web Q&A time that some are calling it as. (Original page located at /vote3/saovote_a.htm of a certain web archive of wordgear)

1. Kirito      95票

2. Heathcliff   48票

3. Yui      43票

4. Asuna    42票

5. Sinon      27票

6. Lisbeth    25票

7. Leafa     18票

8. Agil      17票

9. Yuuki     12票

10. Klein    10票

11. Sakuya            9票

12. Silica     6票

13. Kikuoka Seijirou         5票

14. Recon   4票

15. Alice           4票

16. Red-Eyed XaXa   3票

16. Sasha            3票

16. Kirigaya Midori           3票

19. Eugeo           3票

19. Yulier          2票

19. An Si-eun(web:Shiien)      2票

19. Eugene       2票

19. Thinker            2票

19. Nishida            2票

19. Oberon     2票

19. Yuuki Shouzou and Yuuki Kyouko couple          2票

27. Pina            1票

27. Kuradeel          1票

27. Female that let people associate her to narcissus   1票

27. Alicia Rue         1票

27. Agil's wife        1票

Extra. Kunori      30票

Extra. 藤谷多加子         1票(a character in Kunori's Absolute Solitaire series)

Extra. 空木ミノル         1票(a character in Kunori's Saver-Resetter series)


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