1. reki had once tweeted:

脚本は「ペラ〇枚」って数えるんですが、このペラって1枚が200字なんですよね… 私なぜか800字で1枚と勘違いしてて、危うく指定枚数の4倍書いてしまうところでした。ちなみに内容は…えーと… 水着!です!

that it mean originally Reki was requested to write ___ sheet of 200 words script for SAO: Extra Edition only, but he misread that as 800 words per sheet, producing 4 time more scripts than requested, and therefore it come mizumi!

  1. SAO HF:
    • script responsible by SEVEN DAYS WAR
    • discussing about using previous game's save for this game within production team
    • In fact they want to release SAO IM on PSV too, but due to some reasons it go to PSP at last.
    • original author said it is veru great to have a higher resolution
    • battle are auto attack + continuous usual attack by pressing button
    • map are as wide as that you can see the horizon
    • still secret about cooperation element
    • new character seiyuu is also secret
    • ココア can be clear?
    • can hold hands and sleep together with heroine!
  1. From 2ch via rkl,

電撃文庫magazine Vol33号に明細のってるよ 10月発売のVol34号で 年末のアニメの内容とかが分かるみたい 二期は企画進行中ですよって言うか もう制作 これ以上言えない 年末の重大発表をまて

dengeki bunko magazine vol.34 should have some more detail on it (that should have been published @ oct-10?<--seem to be the character design) and there will be "important announcement" at the end of year

  1. From V13 afterword SAO EE is series revision with new screen added into (dont know if i am translating it correctly..)
  1. It is later confirmed that battle in SAO HF can switch between automatic mode and manual mode

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