Links to various online shops that receiving preorder of SAOP! manga asuna swimsuit figure special edition and most of them had already sold out.

p.s. 【ヘカートII製作決定!】『SAOII』プロジェクト始動を記念してシノンが愛用する大型狙撃銃「ヘカートII」を実物大で製作します!立体化の模様は『電撃ホビーマガジン3月号』より3カ月にわたりレポート! 完成した際は皆様にお披露目しますのでお楽しみに! Google Translate: [Hekato II production decision! Produce it to scale large sniper rifle that Chinon favored to commemorate the "SAOII" project start-up] to "Hekato II"! Three-dimensional pattern of the report for three months from "March Dengeki Hobby Magazine"! Stay tuned because I unveil to everyone when you have finished!

p.p.s. SAO: HF is going to release traditional chinese edition this spring

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