well, some of these already appeared in previous magazine.

  1. First Person View will be provided: [1]
  2. You can customize the character to become your character: [2]
    1. Hair style, color
    2. Face Type, Iris
    3. Voice (Possible to have different setting)
    4. Cloth (Gear can be changed)
    5. ID change
  3. Multiplayer&Partner:[3]
    1. SAO: HF support 4 people play together
    2. And each player could form a team with a NPC partner
    3. So it can simulate a maximum of 8 player team, creating a clearing group of your own.
  4. It said the page also updated, but I cant see how it's different from the last time...can anyone spot out wheere had been updated?
  5. next update: Dec10

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