At March 22, Kadokawa Inc., the parent company of Dengeki Bunko, is going to release a smartphone app named as ComicWalker, which initally it will come with 200 comic series, all of them in Japanese, Chinese and English that can be switched as according to users' desiration, and its content will be free initially. Comic of SAO FD, SAO 4koma, AW, AW4koma will be part of those available comic. Contents can be navigate by using iOS/Android apps that can  be obtained via app store/google play, or browser. Recommended environment: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with iOS 6.1+, Android 4.0+ (Although phone with Android 2.3 can still use it, but 4.0+ is recommended), and for browser version, IE9/Chrome15/Firefox14/Safari5 or above would be recommended.


Details here:

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