Recently, the progress of this Wikia page has slowed down. This is mainly due to the overwhelming amount of information that we already have and are reaching the point of where we have most of Sword Art Online Covered. I would hope that this blog post becomes more of a discussion section of what else we need to add.

For example, should we add in minor characters such as Midori Kirigaya and Shozo Yuki? How aobut Red-Eyed XaXa. Is our goal to create a page on every character that is/was introduced within the franchise?

This wikia as of right now is rather messy. There are different formatting types for lots of pages. Everybody has their own style but it would be awesome if we could maintain the same layout for every page. For example, on some pages there is/are reference tabs on the bottom of the page while on others there are not. Also, many of the character pages include information just jammed together rather than an ordered series of Chronological events. Thus, adding the same headers such as "Chronology" to each page is a necessity. I have gone through and edited some of the pages.

So all in all, post suggestions as to what we should add and how the future of this wikia is going to look. We just have to refine everything that we have done. It's already looking like an amazing site and it was only created a few months ago!

Best Wishes!


So adding on to this. I believe that a lot of the pages are very difficult to navigate to. For example, I just mentioned to Hao-sama that I didn't even know that two pages even exist. Kawahara Reki and Abec. I understand that normal members won't be able to do much about this so GL Hao-sama and Dim1 haha.

On the issue of photos. There are a few repeat photos that don't seem to be necessary. Such as the 2 Kayaba Akihiko pictures. Only one of them is being used. This is more of a final finishing touches that we should do, so I guess there is no point in rushing it right now.

I noticed that there is a page solely dedicated to the Holy Sword Excalibur. Should we also create pages for other items/weapons in the game?

Just my thoughts :D.


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