• PureSEA

    Long Time No See Everyone!!

    December 16, 2012 by PureSEA

    You guys have done a wonderful job with this wikia in the last 3 months or so :D

    I havent been active since summer but now that we are hitting the final episode

    of the anime, I just had to check back and see how everything was going. Haha, 

    the data on this wikia has increased sooooo much!!! Again great work!


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  • PureSEA

    Recently, the progress of this Wikia page has slowed down. This is mainly due to the overwhelming amount of information that we already have and are reaching the point of where we have most of Sword Art Online Covered. I would hope that this blog post becomes more of a discussion section of what else we need to add.

    For example, should we add in minor characters such as Midori Kirigaya and Shozo Yuki? How aobut Red-Eyed XaXa. Is our goal to create a page on every character that is/was introduced within the franchise?

    This wikia as of right now is rather messy. There are different formatting types for lots of pages. Everybody has their own style but it would be awesome if we could maintain the same layout for every page. For example, on some …

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  • PureSEA

    These are the Light Novels translated into English. They have been converted into PDF form by LiTTleDRAgo from These are a great series and the translations are pretty good.

    Volume 1____________________________ Volume 6

    Volume 2____________________________ Volume 7

    Volume 3____________________________ Volume 8

    Volume 4____________________________ Volume 9

    Volume 5

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