You might know me already, if you're a wiki activity camper like me. I'm the guy who works on the Alicization articles. The arc is still W.I.P, Vol. translations, etc etc, so don't be surprised some parts (okay, more than some) are left blank or a stub. I'll work on that.


There is no current plan for Alicization to be animated YET. I only know that arcs are animated once the arc is finished. Longest arc, I know. But we can only wait.... for a few years.

So now you know who I am, an info hunter on Alicization. Occasionally I do other arcs, but I can't do the GAMES. That's my limit, anything other than games I can do, which is ironic, 'cause I am a gamer. Anyways, I bid you all a nice day. c:

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