Yeah so I've decided to translate an LN. It's called Kamisama no inai Nichiyoubi. Ummmmmm it's about a world that God has deserted and people can neither be born or die. The only at they can achieve eternal rest is to be buried and receive the blessing of a grave keeper. Please support me in my translating adventures! I will probably be posting translations on BT, depends if I figure out how to get a project going or not...

Ummmmmm there is a wiki for this series made by Ethrundr which I am a part of (badge making slave). <-- link. Please come over and help us out!

Ummmmmmmm have I forgotten anything? Oh yeah, this probably means I won't be around here as much, I'll still try to put a good amount of time into my various wikis, but I think I'll put translating first for now... Although, in saying that, don't expect speed or amazing quality from me... I'll try my best though.

-MyProjectAlicization (talk) 11:06, July 24, 2013 (UTC)

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