So he's the update for the first/third part of the build. I originally wasn't on a do this today, but I promised KDTV and so I pushed myself to finish the torso/upper half today and just got it done in time. I also built the beam sabers for funsies.

Note: just before I start, if you didn't know this, the full armour unicorn has a much prettier destroy mode that it changes into. To any people think I'm an idiot and don't know this... Don't worry I'm not stupid or anything, I know it can go destroy mode. I just decided that I would show it when I finish the whole MS (not including weapons and stuff) maybe as a reward if you stick around until that stage.


So the upper body consists of the head, body, arms and shoulders. It may look very white and boring now... But destroy mode changes that so stay tuned!


So we put the stuff together, I would do this more in detail but I was running outa time.

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