So I would just luck to wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year. Of course this year is the year of the snake on the zodiac calendar so if you were born in 2001, 1989 or 1977 this is your year!

Characteristics of the snake: Thoughtful, Wise, Shrewd, Intuitive, Guarded, Independent, Sometimes Lazy.

The Snake is the master seducer of the Chinese Zodiac. Always well-liked, Snakes are sociable yet introverted as well as intuitive and blessed with a keen aptitude for business. Although Snakes may not consider money that important, their luck and tendency to be a bit tight with their purse strings ensure they will have more money than they need.

I hope everyone goes out and celebrates the new year and everyone gets to eat lots of dumplings and receive many red packets! I wish everyone the best for the new Lunar Year and last but not least GONG XI GONG XI to everyone

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