So I stumbled accross this blog post made by the guy that translates sayonara piano sonata talking about the anime "White Album 2" which is airing this season. This was a couple weeks ago and only the first Ep had come out back then. I then proceeded to do some research on this anime and found that the first season was well.... Horrible. So of course naturally I decided to not watch it.

But, this morning, I saw another post on that blog praising the anime so I decided I would give the first Ep a go, but after watching it time flew by and I had caught up the 4 weeks worth of eps in that morning.

Everything about this anime is great. But before I go into it, I should probably talk a little about what it is. So this anime is a romance, drama kind of thing (I rarely watch those) that explores the life of some high school kid (can't remember his name off the top of my head. I am terrible with names) who plays guitar and wants to for a band to play for the school festival in 2 weeks. We meet some beautiful and well crafted characters in the anime, but I don't wanna go too much into the storyline... But for me, the music is the stand out part of this anime, it is so great and sp beautiful, I could watch it just to here Setsuna's angelic voice alone, everything else is just a bonus.

What makes this anime great is a mixture of small and large things that tie it all together. The art is stunning and the way they have used lighting to add to the mood. The music is spectacular, it was so beautiful that the first time I Setsuna (watch the anime to find out who she is) sing I cried a little.... Not gonna lie. The storyline is so captivating and fun to watch... <-- pictures from Ep 1

Now I know romance isn't everyone's cup of tea, as it isn't really mine, I generally get quite bored from it, but I can't help myself but be engrossed and entranced in this anime. That's why I'd have to say it's the best anime of this season, don't let the first season fool you, for this is nothing like it, and as far as I know, not connected in anyway, apart from the name. Of you could only watch one fall season anime this year White Album 2 would be my obvious choice.

Oh, and one more thing #TeamSetsuna4Life. How can I say no to that princess-sama?

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