In the begining of the game kirito begins his tour throught plaza.Wich is the main area wich i call it plaza but since everyone stays there for the beggining and theres lots of marketing i call it plaza.So since the game master trapped them in the game for no reason idk why but XD .So at the begining they start to find the boss of floor 1 or more floors ahead i forgot but.blablahbla they find the boss room since kirito was a beta he kinda knew about the boss so when they reach the boss room they start fighting it and they beat it but they lost a friend one begginer gets angry and he starts insulting him and some kid came up and said ur a beta arent u kirito said yes and everyone bassicaly called him a beater for beta testing the game...

End of atricle 1 stay tunned for more and u can watch more on
  •                     netflix put sword art online :D thx and comment if u want i dont care thx and bye.
    Kirito blocking Heathcliff's attack

    look at this his face i kinda refer it to a advanced video but anywas this is what kirito kinda looks

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