Hey, It's Kirito903 here, the current 100th best editor here. Just like the title of the post here describes. Reki Kawahara, the creator of Sword Art Online, has been accepted to write out an anime adaptation eventually, and I'm just curiously waiting for such. Also, this coming fall, Aniplex announced the official American dub of Sword Art Online, and the American cast has already been chosen. It seems to be a decent crew of typically well-rounded anime voice actors. They're not Steve Blum level, but they read the lines into the recorder and they're probably grateful for being selected; appreciation is part of it, on account of the lack of money  that it brings in, while the other is seeing the impact. There's good news here for the Steve Blum fans though, because the rumors speculated around the internet speculate come August,24th,2013 the debut will be on Toonami... Anyway, totally stoked and hope I didn't like blog/photo-bomb or anything. Happy hunting, Kirito903.


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