Well, it's been one whole week since SAO started, and so far, things aren't going well.

People are dying everywhere around me, and I feel that I should help them, but I can't, because I have to go solo. I have to, because of something that happened back in the beta.  

Back in the beta, I first decided to join a party with as many people as I could, to get our strength up while we figured out the game. It was going well until another group of people had the same idea, and followed us. Any loot we left behind they stole. Every boss we defeated, they collected the XP and the rewards without even doing anything. I was the only one that saw them, but I didn't tell anyone. Unfortunately, that brought the team down.

After a few months our group noticed, nd tried to sort it out nicely. But then the other group got jealous and attacked us.

A lot of us died, but I and and a few others managed to live. We went seperate ways, and I swore I'd never let anyone die like that again.

That was a long time ago, and the stakes are a lot higher now. But, I will try my hardest to beat this world. For everyone here.


P.S - This is a BLOG POST. Do not consider this the real story, it is just for fun.                                              -- Editor

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