Since I got my copy of the volume already, I've taken a quick look through the book for the naming that Yen Press uses. I might update this later on if I find something more. Typical question, what do we do with these names? Change them or just note the alternative translation?

Each instance should be discussed in its own comment chain. Please comment under existing comments where possible.

Fanslation Yen Press
Coper Kopel
XaXa Xaxa[† 1]
Aincrad Liberation Force Aincrad Liberation Front[† 2]
Murder Case in the Area The Safe Haven Incident
First Day The Day of Beginnings
Secret Medicine of the Forest Forest Elixir[† 3]
Anti-Criminal Code Effect Area Anti-Criminal Code Zone
Mate Chopper Mate-Chopper
Eternal Storage Trinket Permanent Storage Trinket


  1. Actually, this was the spelling used back in V6, but the raw clearly uses XaXa with both capital Xs. Way to go Yen Press.
  2. Yen Press used "force" in volume 2. Hooray for consistency!
  3. Yen Press called it "Herbs of the Forest" in Progressive

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