So, me, Kai and TUSF have been working on spell incantations, but we ran into a problem with translating Purified Surface, so, I made a twitter account to confirm things with Reki and I thought I'd share what I have found out.

Things confirmed:

  • フレイン = hreinn
  • Ek kalla hreinn brunnr, andask brandr og eitrið = official
  • Recon's ep 23 and Leafa's ep 18 spell are the same one.
  • andask means "to kill"
  • Leafa's spell in episode 18 and Recon's in episode 23 are the same
  • Recon has some kind of spell enhancing skill.

I'm also planning to use this blog for a grand WoP dictionary when I'm not sleepy.

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