Since I can’t handle everything myself and I do want some other opinions before creating certain pages, I thought I’d post a list of pages that could be done (but not necessarily have to be done). Certain ideas were taken based on what the other wikis have done, that’s why I would like to hear more opinions on whether those pages are worth doing at all.

Pages without red links are those which I’m not sure if they should be done at all or could be done on more general articles.

I do believe that a “Terminology” article for basic game terms that do not deserve their own pages could be done.

Note: The list doesn't cover everything yet.

Aincrad Arc


  • Lind - one of the major clearers early in the game, part of the DDA later on.
  • Beowulf - a character in Rondo. We need the translation for it to be done though.
  • Orlando - same as above
  • Cu Chulainn - same as above.



See: SAO locations project


  • Nato the Kernal Taurus - 2/F mid-boss, need Rondo for that.
  • Asterios the Taurus King - 2/F real boss, need Rondo for that.
  • Nephila Regina - 3/F dungeon boss, need PV2 for that.
  • Fallen Elf Commander - 3/F quest boss, need PV2 for that.
  • Nerius the Evil Treant - 3/F boss, need PV2 for that.
  • «Witch of the West» (西の魔女) - the boss of the Witch of the West and the Three Treasures quest on 22/F


  • Beast Tamer - 2-3 paragraphs could be done; I mostly want to do it to mention that this isn't an actual class.
  • Game Master - done on other wikis, a basic game term, so it could be covered on a general article.
  • Front lines
  • HP and MP - basic terms.
  • Avatar - basic term. Could do a main article about avatar appearance selection and modification in games or something.
  • Beta Tester - basic term.
  • Immortal object - based on other wikis; slight mention on Sword Art Online article.
  • Digital Focusing System - based on the other wikis; kind of covered on Sword Art Online article.
  • Boss - a general terminology article for all types of bosses seen in the series. So far, we have Floor Boss, Field Boss, Flag (event) Boss, Dungeon Boss.


See Thread:18598 for the discussion

  • Housing and Merchanting System
  • Inventory and Trading System.
  • Relationship System
  • Weapon Enhancing/strengthening System
  • Messaging System

Fairy Dance Arc


New ALO side stories


  • Tecchi - SK member.
  • Talken - SK member.
  • Nori - SK member.
  • Urðr (Urdr) - the NPC that gives the real Caliber quest.
  • Thor - disguised as Freyja.
  • Verðandi (Verdandi) - one of Urðr’s sisters.
  • Skuld - same as above. Also, the NPC whom Klein asked for a contact address :D.
  • Marinca - an employee of Ymir; only appears in Caliber SS, so not really canon so far.


  • SAO Survivor School - the school...for SAO survivors, duh... Can’t find a more official name for it.
  • Þrymheimr (Thrymheimr) - the Inverted Pyramid dungeon atop of Jötunheimr.


  • Þrym (Thrym) - the boss of the Inverted Pyramid dungeon.
  • Black and Gold Minotaurs (not sure if they should be done separately or together)


  • Ragnarök - the event that the Cardinal System had prepared if the Caliber quest was failed.

Phantom Bullet Arc


  • Endou - Shino’s bully.
  • Uemaru - Kirito’s first opponent in the BoB preliminaries.
  • Stinger - Sinon’s second to last opponent in the BoB preliminaries.
  • Yamikaze - 2nd place in the 2nd BoB, the last guy remaining in the 3rd BoB aside from Kirito, Sinon and Sterben. Sinon took his plasma grenade.
  • Musketeer X - the girl who Kirito thought was the Death Gun, based on her name.
  • Lion King Richie - the camper with a heavy machine gun “Vickers”... died at the position that he was camping, so not much is known about him. Not sure if he deserves an article.
  • Pale Rider - the guy who was chasing Dyne in the 3rd BoB. 1 of the 2 people who died during the BoB.
  • Kakouton - the guy who attacked Sinon and Kirito with a fully-automatic machine gun after Pale Rider was killed.
  • Shishigane - the armoured guy who looks like a board that Sinon killed early in the BoB due to shooting his plasma grenades. Somewhere between 21st-23rd place.
  • No-No - 5th-6th place, died after running into Fernil.
  • Fernil - 5th-6th place, died after running into No-No.
  • huuka - only mentioned by name.
  • Masaya - only mentioned by name.
  • Ricoco - the guy that Kirito and Sinon thought was being chased by Death Gun.


  • Zaskar - the people behind GGO.



Alicization Arc


  • Nigel Balbossa - a rather rich farmer in Rulid.
  • Jink - Eugeo’s bully; the guard chief of Rulid Village.
  • Doyke - Jink’s father, the former guard chief.
  • Nakanishi - a lieutenant colonel of the JSDF, likely a Rath employee.
  • Mayumi Reynolds - the girl that Asuna impersonated to get into the Ocean Turtle.
  • Telulu Wolde - one of the Wolde twins.
  • Telin Wolde - the other Wolde twin.
  • Banou Wolde - the farmer who hired Kirito and Eugeo until the Zakkaria tournament.
  • Toriza Wolde - the above’s wife.
  • Kelgam Zakkalight - ruler of Zakkaria.
  • Zobun - one of the elite trainees of the same year as Sortiliena, Uolo and Gorgolosso. We have a page for Sadina Schuberg, so why not...
  • Frenica Szeski - Humbert’s valet.
  • Charlotte - Cardinal’s observer. Going to do her myself... eventually...



  • Empire Swordsmanship Tournament - the empire specific tournament that must be won to gain entry to the Four Empires Unity Tournament.
  • Four Empires Unity Tournament - the Axiom Church Tournament where the winner is forced to become an Integrity Knight. Emphasis on forced.
  • Valet - the 12 top 1st year students at the MSA that get an elite swordsman as their mentor.
  • Elite Swordsman-in-Training - the 12 top 2nd year students at the MSA that basically compete for the top spots in the Academy to be allowed to participate in the Empire Swordsmanship Tournament. MPA said he was going to work on this... but no progress has been done.

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