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    sword art online ASUNA

    September 15, 2014 by Greendragon22

    Asuna escapes from her cell on top of the World Tree and proceeds to look for a way to log out of Alfheim Online.

    In this episode Kirito, Yui, and Leafa’s journey to the World Tree nears its conclusion, as they arrive at the capital city of Alfheim online. Back at the World Tree, Asuna slyly enters the pass code to her cage and navigates the area. Before long she finds numerous unconscious players who have been trapped since the end of the Sword Art Online incident, all victims of illegal experiments on their minds being done by rogue developers of Alfheim Online. Unfortunately Asuna’s escape is noticed by them and a furious Sugou, and Asuna is soon recaptured. Back at the Capital City, Yui senses her mother’s presence and informs Kirito th…

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