I know this has nothing to do with SAO but this has a special meaning for me, as I'm sure you all heard about what happened with Noboru Yamaguchi-sensei.

Yamaguch had planned to end the Zero no Tsukaima light novels last year before his cancer diagnosis and subsequent operation. Media Factory published the 20th of 22 planned volumes in February of 2011. Zero no Tsukaima F, the fourth and final anime seriespremiered in 2012.

Yamaguchi had just returned to work last year, and he wanted to resume his Zero no Tsukaima novels at the beginning of this year. However, he reported in November that this is unfeasible due to his most recent hospital stay for surgery, and apologized to his readers for the wait. He vowed to continue writing when his health returns "no matter what," and thanked everyone for the words of encouragement — in Japanese and in English.

from the bottom of my heart hurts to know that a person like he is gone beyond and more whenwhen he was about to finish his masterpiece I wish I knew how it would end, but now it is out of our reach, a minute of silence for this genius and that God has his glory, to all of the site as they took this news?

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