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  • G-rios27

    SAO hollow fragment

    Guys, this is the PS VITA true power wow, is very diferent from the PSP Game.

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  • G-rios27

    The name Sword art Online - Hollow fragment - For PS VITA

    The new game will be titled Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, and will see the series protagonist Kirito meeting a mysterious girl as he braves an unexplored part of Aincrad called “Hollow Area” that continues to expand.

    I must say it has better graphics than Better its predecessor and it the Battle System looks that much better.

    the trailer[1]

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  • G-rios27

    ¿Eugeo? ¿as integrity Knight?

    Update: the cover.

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  • G-rios27

    I know this has nothing to do with SAO but this has a special meaning for me, as I'm sure you all heard about what happened with Noboru Yamaguchi-sensei.

    Yamaguch had planned to end the Zero no Tsukaima light novels last year before his cancer diagnosis and subsequent operation. Media Factory published the 20th of 22 planned volumes in February of 2011. Zero no Tsukaima F, the fourth and final anime seriespremiered in 2012.

    Yamaguchi had just returned to work last year, and he wanted to resume his Zero no Tsukaima novels at the beginning of this year. However, he reported in November that this is unfeasible due to his most recent hospital stay for surgery, and apologized to his readers for the wait. He vowed to continue writing when his he…

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  • G-rios27

    Sakura-Con 2013

    March 20, 2013 by G-rios27

    As we all know Kawahara-sensei will come for the first time on American soil as a guest of honor at the Sakura-Con this year and I ask all of you who can go to the event, as I believe a great opportunity to clarify any doubts possibly all have head about some points on Sword Art Online when you begin the Q & A session which will serve as material to the Site, and the question is who can go to the event?

    Part 1 

    Part 2

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