Hello. As I think most of you have noticed, in my profile I have an image of a character that i desingned called Galant. I wanted to ask for your opinion about this character (if you want to tell me your thoughts). If you want, you should read the character's page which is actualy mine( Also i want to point out that the page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION then i have not finished all the details, neither all the story.

As for Galant, i want to point out that he is sort of character that is rival of the principal character of the anime, who generaly matches the principal character in skill (this "Rival characters" are typical in most animes about competition and fighting). If you don't understand this, let me point it to you in several anime I have watched (the one on the left on principal, the one on the right, rival):

  • Goku and Vegeta (DBZ)
  • Yami Yugi and Kaiba(Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Inuyasha and Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)
  • Tyson Granger and Kai Hiwatari( Beyblade)
  • Yoh Asakura and Len Tao (shaman King)
  • many more...

In conclution, I thought that Kirito, with all his capabilities, needed a rival, I created it and I am asking for your opinion if you think i am going the right way, what should i change and other things (if any) that i havent pointed out.

Thank you for your time and your opinion as always.

Have a good day. 


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