Welcome for all of you, editors of Sword Art Online Wiki, to the Chat Feature. I'm Ethrundr, current Head of Rule Enforcement of Sword Art Online Wiki Chat and the Temporary Chairman of the Sword Art Online Wiki Chat Moderators.

Before chatting and interacting with each other in the Chat, there are few things you need to know in order to make your stay in our chat is enjoyable and fun.

Sword Art Online Wiki Chat Policy

As one of the feature in this wikia, and as the place where everyone can interact, a certain rule must be set in stone to make everything stay smooth and in line. Thus, we, Chat Moderators of this wiki's Chat, decided to make some rules.

Below are the list of rules we had, but for futher details, please refer to this official page.

  1. No spam, vandalism, profanity on the chat.
  2. Please use appropriate language (preferably English) while chatting.
  3. Do not insult anyone in the chat.
  4. If possible, please refrain from giving or discussing spoilers in the chat.
  5. Do not post any links to sexually explicit sites, images, or any other media, especially child pornography.
  6. Do not join the chat solely for advertising anything: other wikia, other stuffs, etc. 
    The chat exists as a place for fellow editors to interact, so don't act as a "Marketer" of other stuff in the chat.
  7. Be careful with all of your actions in the chat, or in short, behave well.
  8. Comply to all local wikia rules and Wikia Terms of Use.

For rule number 4 and 6, if you want to do so, please first ask for permission to the any Chat Moderator, or any other editor present in the Chat at that time. If they give you their consent, then you're free to do so.

Chat Logout Events

To make the chat more fun, enjoyable and exciting for everyone, we decided to change the welcoming message and parting message of the chat. For the welcoming message, it'll always be the same whenever you logs in to the chat. However, for the parting message which will appear for the rest chat members that still on when you leave, it'll be randomized per logout per person.

We have prepared some events to make the randomness more fun, and currently we have total of eighty events for your parting message. For the complete list, you can see them on this blogpost.

Custom Chat Codes

For this wiki's chat, we have enabled the customizable javascript (JS) and custom stylesheet (CSS) code. This means, you can add your own javascript or custom stylesheet for the chat. Any features, themes, appearance or anything you want the chat will appear for you, you can add them personally. Here's the guide to do so:

  1. Create your code, and upload them on the Community Central Wiki, under your username. The URL format will be like this: for Javascript file, or for Custom StyleSheet file.
  2. Create a page, named Chat.js under your username in this wiki, solely to import the code you've post before. The code will be following:
    • For Javascript file import, under Chat.js page:
    • For Custom StyleSheet file import, also under Chat.js page:
  3. In order to make your chat modification codes working immediately, close the chat window (if you have opened it beforehand), then follow the refresh guide on the code page given by Wikia, to clear your cache. After clearing your cache, you can rejoin the chat and your code will immediately works.

Here's some example of Chat Modification code known:

  1. Chat Hack Javascript File, which will allows you to:
    • Have highlighted chat on specific word you choose
    • Type unlimited number of characters and link on the chat
    • Clearing the chat window history with "Clear" button
    • Set yourself for "Away" deliberately, with "AFK" button
    • Notification when you gone away and back from being away
    • A special sign after your name if you are a Chat Moderator or Admin (one yellow star) or Founder (two yellow stars) of the Wiki.
    • Send a PM to someone, even when they already logged out. The message will be sent to the user once they logged back in, as long as you stay logged in after you post the chat until the time the user comes back to Chat.
  2. Chat Ping Javascript File, which will gives you a single beep alert when someone:
    • Joins or leave the Chat
    • Post a chat while you are not in the Chat Window
    • Mentioned your username, or any strings you've registered on the code

That's all I need to tell you about our chat. For further inquiries or question about our Chat feature, please don't hesitate to contact me on my message wall or any other Chat Moderators as listed on this page. We will try to get in touch with you within 1 or 2 days.

Happy editing and have fun on our chat,
Ethrundr (Local Talkpage) 18:04, August 25, 2013 (UTC)
Temporary Chairman of Sword Art Online Wiki Chat Moderators
Head of Rule Enforcement for Sword Art Online Wiki Chat

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