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Warning Spoiler Alert: This article or section contains details about plotlines not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you wish to be spoiled.

Here's the list of most common mistakes performed mostly by new editors in this wikia. Nevertheless, some of our seasoned editors or experienced editors from other wiki might also face with this mistakes. In order to avoid them, I'll compile all common mistake lists to this blog.

Short Notice

Before reading please read this notice first:

  1. Please read all the explanations thoroughly and carefully. When the explanation suggests/orders you to do something before reading further, please do so. This is a way to gives you more understanding towards a term or naming explained below.
  2. Only major or frequent mistakes will get their own subsection and explaination. Minor mistakes will be compiled altogether under the "Other Minor Mistakes" subsection for each section.
  3. No link to the actual article will be provided in this guide, since the purpose is not for linking you to the article, but to help you learn what is deemed right and what is deemed wrong in this wikia.
  4. This list will be updated frequently based on the frequent mistake happens from time to time. Make sure to periodically check this list for any updates.
  5. If you have any other variations, suggestion, correction, disagreement or information about naming, terms, media files or anything towards anything contained in this list, please start a discussion on Editor Board Forum to discuss about those things first.

Character Naming Mistakes

Since there are some differences between the naming used in the raw Japanese novel, translated novel, anime (raw and sub) as well as other existing media related to Sword Art Online, this section receive highest number of mistakes. Here's the common mistakes happen on character naming, as well as the correction. [1]

Naming Convention

On this wiki we are using Japanese Naming Convention as the basis for all Japanese player, as well as real-life Japanese citizens. Japanese Name Convention wrote the name with following format:

<Family Name><Given Name>

Family Name - Kirigaya
Given Name  - Kazuto

Written in Wiki: Kirigaya Kazuto

This naming convention is a complete reverse of Western Naming Convention, which wrote the <Given Name> first, then followed by the <Family Name>. Please do not make mistake with the naming convention.

However, for characters that not considered as Japanese, their naming will follow the Western Naming Convention. This also applies to the Underworld Residents. Example:

Family Name - Mills
Middle Name - Gilbert
Given Name  - Andrew

Written in Wiki: Andrew Gilbert Mills

Caynz and Kains

"Caynz" and "Kains" are two different player. Caynz is friend of Yolko, and member of Golden Apple. He's also one of the main supporting characters on the "A Murder Case in the Area" side-story. While Kains, there is no information gathered about him, unless he's one of the victim that died due to the Piercing Dot Continuous Damage.


His official name is "Agil" and not "Egil". This name is most probably derived from his real-life name: "Andrew Gilbert", just like Kirito's name.


Although there is no official notes about how his name should be romanized, this wiki has decided to use "Cobert". Known mistakes[2] for this naming are: "Cobalt", "Covatz", "Corbert", "Colbalt", "Colbert".

Real-Life Naming

On this wiki, we have a policy of differentiating game avatars from the real life players. As such, when referring to in-game events and/or in-game avatars, we use the character's In-Game Name (for example: Kirito, Klein, Agil etc.). However, when we refer to real life events and/or the real life players, we use their real names (for example: Kazuto, Ryoutarou, Andrew etc.). Please do not mix the naming.

Other Minor Naming Mistakes

Character listed down here has less number of mistakes than the characters mentioned above, but still worth mentioned as "known mistakes". All of the mistake list are sourced from edit history of this page and referenced to the various anime subs and light novel translations.

No Kanji Romaji Official Name Possible Mistakes
1 クライン Kurain Klein Cline
2 リズベット Rizubetto Lisbeth Lizbeth, Lisbet, Lizbet, Liz
3 シリカ Shirika Silica Scilica
4 クラディール Kuradiru Kuradeel Kuradil, Cradil
5 リーファ Rīfa Leafa Lyfa

Skills, Items, Guilds Naming Mistakes

There are some mistakes also happen on these three sections: skills (including magic), items, guilds, but not as much as the characters, so we decided to gather them all here under one section. Here's the list of common mistakes on this section.


First, please note that although this item is indeed based on the actual item in real life named «Excalibur», the naming IS NOT similar to the real item. As the title of this subsection sounds, the item is named after «Excaliber» and not Excalibur. [3]

Location Mistakes

Common mistakes in the locations on this wikia is include misunderstanding a location term for something else that sound similar, or having several variations for the naming. Here's the list of those mistakes and the correction.


In the Aincrad, a city name is not the floor name. If you take heed on the last few scenes in the 1st episode, Kirito mentions that there are several towns/villages exist in one floor, composed of one main city (the one with Teleport Gate) and several smaller villages or cities. Thus, the floor cannot be named after the main city.

Floors in Aincrad is named in a sequence number-wise. For example: 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor, 4th Floor, and so on.

Labyrinth and Dungeons

In Sword Art Online, the one that called as "Labyrinth" is a towered maze-like field that will eventually leads a player to the floor boss' room, and thus the gate towards the next floor. The Labyrinth must not be a tower-like, but it said as a "Towered Maze", since they usually placed right under the pillar that connecting each floor towards the preceding and following floors.

On the other hand, the term "Dungeon" is used for explorable fields outside of the town's safety measurement (known as AREA). It can be anything: plains, forests, meadows, lakes, seas, sewers, undergrounds, towers, castles, cliffs or other fields, as long as they are explorable and not protected by the AREA system. Even houses used for quests are also referred as "Dungeon". [4]

ALfheim Online

Take a look to the subsection title carefully once more before reading further. Yes, it's titled ALfheim Online not: ALFheim, Alfheim, AlfHeim or such. It's ALfheim, with capital A and L while the rest typed in lower case. This naming is provided in English in both raw novel and anime, as shown in the cover of the CD game.

In case you're mentioning the land of fairies instead of the game, it's pronounced "Alfheim" or "Alf-heim", with just only letter A that capitalized. Don't mix two things together. This part is proved by the way Agil pronounce the naming on anime episode 16.

Sylvain and Aarun

Up to now, there is still no official romanization known for these two cities naming, except from the anime which stated them as "Swilvane" and "Alne". We used these naming as the official naming on this wikia.

Other variation known are: "Slyvein" and "Arun".


Same with the Aincrad case, Underworld is not a name for the game. It's name of the game's virtual-reality world, similar to Aincrad: a place where player lives, interact and plays.

The official name for the "game" (in fact, this is not game but a secret government project taking face as a game) is Project Alicization. Please don't mix up those two terms.

Other Terms and Terminology

There are some terms and terminologies that often being misunderstood on this wiki as well. Here's the list of them, the explanations and the correction.

Life (Project Alicization)

The term "Life" (first letter 'L' is capitalized) refers to "Durability" in Project Alicization arc. This term is similar to other game's term of HP (Health Points).

If the first letter is not capitalized ("life"), then it's referring to the English word "life", unless they are typed at the beginning of a sentence. In that case, you must thoroughly determine the meaning from the context given in the sentence.

Kanji Writings

For terms written in either Kanji or Katakana in the series (Light Novel/Anime/Manga), multiple interpretations might be exist. In such cases, please use "alternatively translated as..." instead of "the anime uses...." when cross-referencing the novel or manga with the anime.

Media Files Mistakes

Listed in this section is all common mistakes regarding to media files in this wiki.

Fanart Pictures

Although some other anime wiki already implemented this kind of rule, which not allowing their editor to post fanart images to the article, this kind of mistake always reside as the top mistake above all other mistakes. Thus we want to make this clear here.

Doujin and such are not to be used in content of pages. [5]

What is included or categorized as Doujins? Here the list of what referred as doujins:

  • Self-drawn picture (both manual drawing or digitalized drawing).
  • Edited pictures, which result is no longer similar to the actual picture.
  • Cropped or improperly taken pictures.
  • Translated images.
  • Animations, the source of which is not the anime or game.
  • Real-life props, like figures, sword replicas, costumes, plushies, etc.
  • Any other similar images/videos/animation/stuffs that is not officially released by one of listed:
    • Reki Kawahara
    • Kunori Fumio
    • abec
    • ponz
    • Nakamura Tamako
    • Minami Juusei
    • Hazuki Tsubasa
    • Kiseki Himura
    • Nekobyō Neko
    • Dengeki Bunko
    • Yen Press
    • Aniplex: Aniplex, Aniplex Inc., Aniplex USA
    • SME Records
    • Other related personnel or company for the Light Novel/Manga/Anime production.

Sources, References and Notes

  1. Most of these naming are taken from the Raw Japanese version of the Light Novel
  2. Taken from various anime subs, as well as Light Novel translations
  3. Caliber. Partial Quote from LN:
    Why was it «Excaliber»?”
    “Heh? What do you mean?”
    As I tilted my head trying to understand what her question meant, Sinon supplemented while spinning the fork skillfully at the tip of her finger.
    “Normally…… it’s usually «calibur» in other fantasy novels or manga, right? As in, «Excalibur».”
  4. The Day Before
  5. Taken from Sword Art Online Wiki Rules posted in Community Message

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