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  • Ethrundr

    Sword Art Online Recap

    September 24, 2013 by Ethrundr

    By the end of this year, A-1 Pictures will release a recap (with some unaired scenes) for the Sword Art Online, covering both Aincrad Arc and Fairy Dance Arc. Have anyone know about this?

    On Neregate: Winter Anime Chart v1

    On ANN: Sword Art Online Extra

    Hopefully I'm not too late with the news :)

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  • Ethrundr

    Editor Common Mistakes

    August 27, 2013 by Ethrundr

    Here's the list of most common mistakes performed mostly by new editors in this wikia. Nevertheless, some of our seasoned editors or experienced editors from other wiki might also face with this mistakes. In order to avoid them, I'll compile all common mistake lists to this blog.

    Before reading please read this notice first:

    1. Please read all the explanations thoroughly and carefully. When the explanation suggests/orders you to do something before reading further, please do so. This is a way to gives you more understanding towards a term or naming explained below.
    2. Only major or frequent mistakes will get their own subsection and explaination. Minor mistakes will be compiled altogether under the "Other Minor Mistakes" subsection for each section…

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  • Ethrundr

    Welcome for all of you, editors of , to the Chat Feature. I'm Ethrundr, current Head of Rule Enforcement of  Chat and the Temporary Chairman of the  Chat Moderators.

    Before chatting and interacting with each other in the Chat, there are few things you need to know in order to make your stay in our chat is enjoyable and fun.

    As one of the feature in this wikia, and as the place where everyone can interact, a certain rule must be set in stone to make everything stay smooth and in line. Thus, we, Chat Moderators of this wiki's Chat, decided to make some rules.

    Below are the list of rules we had, but for futher details, please refer to this official page.

    1. No spam, vandalism, profanity on the chat.
    2. Please use appropriate language (preferably English) whi…

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  • Ethrundr

    Chat Logout Event List

    August 12, 2013 by Ethrundr

    When someone logged out or close the chat window, after few moments he'll considered as logged out. In this wikia we have modified the logout message, and creating a random logout event, which will occur differently on each user joined the chat. Currently, there are total of eighty events live for the chat.

    Given that each person will get different endings, you might like to share what a logged out user's got to the others. Sharing also make possible on forging a whole new exciting events, that even might not happening in the original Sword Art Online series.

    Join our chat now, and be the part of fun logout event. Make sure NOT to collect them all, or you'll "die" from the chat with some retarded ways.

    The list below only consist of the event t…

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  • Ethrundr

    This is a backup page for the list on Official Naming List page.

    Commenting for this blogpost is closed.
    New entry, updates and comments can be submitted at this forum thread.
    Contact Gsimenas or Ethrundr before editing any information here.

    In this article we'd like to provide you list of naming we used in this wikia, for characters, locations, guilds, spells and monsters.

    To use this article, just simply find any information you need. However, considering that this list has quite lot number of information, we suggest anyone who coming here to find information for using the "Intra-document Search", by pressing Ctrl+F (or ⌘+F on Mac OS) button on your keyboard and then search the entry you'd like to find.

    Please spare some of your time reading this…

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