(Warning: A small preview of Chapter 2! It will be done by the time I finish Chapter 1! Hope you guys enjoy it so far!)

It's already been - what - two or three days (maybe weeks) since this death game started. Players start to die every minute goes by, and already 2,000 players are dead. Anyways, there's going to be a meeting and I'm part of it. I trained hard for this, and I'm somewhere around level 10 or level 20 already. I sat in my little sketchy, yet confortable, room in a nearby inn I found in another village and thought about the two players I met back then, the reality I left behind, my friend, Anesa, who I hope isn't dead, and a meeting for taking out the first boss. If I manage to see Anesa there or those two players, I would team up with them, but I'll never forget what those two did that day. I might as well forgive them if I see them again.

"Welp, today's the day," I thought to myself, thinking about the meeting,"might as well get ready."

Once I prepared myself with the new equipment, new food and supplies, and a new sword I managed to buy earlier, I sigh as I opened the door of my room, and walked out of the inn, letting the calm winds greet me to the warming sunshine.

(To be continued. That's all I can give you guys. Hope you enjoyed it so far! It will be finished soon!)

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