(Warning: this following story is fan-made! It may have some foul language throughout the story so this is not recommended to many young users and I might edit it every now and then since this is the first chapter. All the information I gathered goes to their rightful owners. But anyways, enjoy!)

I remebered it all. From what happened on the first day of this death game, I saw the terror. But the truth is, even though I'm also going solo like some beta testers are, that doesn't mean that I am one. I'm just a regular player who had a head start of leveling up and learned a couple stuff from some people. Anyways, before I start, my name is Emy Neko. When the NerveGear and the new game was released, I was only 12 at the time. But anyways, here's how it all started:

I was really lucky to be the 506th person (to be exact) to get the game and the NerveGear. It was a present from a friend of mine who's dad worked with Akihiko Kayaba himself! It's pretty cool to know that my friend has a dad who worked with the designer of the NerveGear and developer director of the game, Sword Art Online. Anyways, my family and I recieved a package 1 hour after the release of Sword Art Online and the NerveGear, but it was only ment for me.

"Mom! Dad! Amy! I got a package from Anesa!" I screamed as I carried the heavy pakage inside.

"You mean that friend of yours that had her dad work with the creator of Sword Art Online and the NerveGear?" my father asks.

"Yep," I replied with confidence,"in fact, her dad helped work on the NerveGear and helped monitor the beta testers! Plus, the creator's name is Akihiko Kayaba for your information!"

"Well open it up already!" Amy, my little 7-year-old sister, screams without any patience,"I want to see what's inside!"

"Now now Amy don't rush her," my mother says to Amy, calmly,"she can open it whenever she likes."

"Come to think of it, I want to open it now please!" I announce to the whole family, as I wait for my dad to open the box for me.

When he was done, I looked inside and was screaming with excitment.

"Wait what is it?!" Amy asks as I try to calm myself down

"A NerveGear!" I reply as I take out both the NerveGear and the game that came with it,"and it came with Sword Art Online!"

"Really? Well her family and Akihiko Kayaba must have been very generous to reserve a NerveGear and a game just for you," my mother tells me,"but Emy, before you start playing, be careful and remember to come down for dinner at 5:00 pm ok?"

"I will mom!" I yelled to my mom as I rushed upstairs, carrying the NerveGear and Sword Art Online with me to my room.

As I prepared the NerveGear and Sword Art Online, I noticed a note inside the case as I opened it. It read:

"Be careful when you start the game. Once you're in, you can't get out. But if you want to, then dive right in. I'll see you then. -Akihiko Kayaba"

"Wait...what does that mean? And this note is from Akihiko Kayaba himself?" I thought,"Oh well. Might as well start playing."

After researching a little and heard some guidence from my friend, Anesa, since she is also gonna play, I finished preparing and placed the NerveGear on my head and adjusted it to my head size. Then, I carefully layed down confortably on my bed and turned the console and the NerveGear on as I hear the distant sound of my little sister and my mom playing something and my dad going out for a while. I gave a little smirk and said,"Link Start!"

I was then led through a rainbow tunnel, leaving reality behind me.

Soon after a second of going through the settings, I wake up, standing in the middle of some plaza. This must be the Town of Begginings, like my friend mentioned earlier before I logged in.

"Hello Sword Art Online," I said with confidence,"let's get this game started shall we?"

Every second, players spawned all around the plaza, but I didn't mind and just went around with my day. After an hour of buying the best equipment that suit me, a good sword that might last until I buy a new-and-improved sword, some food and some other supplies I might need, I venture into the non-safe zone, where monsters prowl along during the day, to train and level up. With the guidence from Anesa earlier before logging in here, some help from another player from a distance that is teaching someone else how to play, and by beating up a lot of monsters, I already made it to level 3! Wow right?

It was already 5:10 pm and I never noticed as I lay around the calm and quiet field, feeling the sunset warm me up after a hard working day. Soon enough, the same two players who I metioned earlier joined with me to lay down and feel the sunset. All of us talked about how awesome the game is.

"It is pretty cool, isn't it?" I asked both of them.

"Yeah. It pretty much is." the black haired guy agrees,"making all this data and using enough knowlage to develope a game you can dive in!"

"I have to admit that this is pretty cool," the guy with the bandana adds,"Hey, maybe later on we can all team up with some friends I met in another game!"

"Really?!" I ask with excitement,"you mean it?!"

"Of course! We can all go fight some monsters and level up as a team! It's better that way." The guy in the bandana adds.

"I'm in!" I shouted as I shot up to my feet.

"Yeah! Maybe next time." The black haired guy adds in.

"Well I got to go. After all," the guy in the bandana adds in before I could say something else with his stomach growling,"I'm getting hungry."

"Too bad this place only feeds you virtually," the black haired guy says with hesitation.

"Yeah," the guy with the bandana moans,"that's why I ordered a pizza!"

"Wow. Good save there!" The black haired guy compliments to the other guy with the bandana.

"Yeah. Oh I almost forgot!" the guy with the bandana reminds both of us as he faces me,"what's you name,little girl?"

"First of all, don't call me little or I'll wip your ass," I hissed, then I calmed down and put on a smile,"second of all, my name's Emerald. It's really nice to meet you both."

"Name's Klein!" the guy with the bandana interupts with a smile on his face,"Anyways, I'll see both of you around sometime later."

"Alright then," the black haired guy continues,"I'm Kirito by the way. You have any spare time?"

"I think so," I reply, not so sure about it,"I might have a few minutes or so. Let's just go train."

"Alright. After all, we've a long way to go," Kirito adds.

"Yeah. You're right," I agree as we both turned and walked away from Klein.

After taking a few steps, we both heard Klein say,"What the- that's wierd."

We both turned around and asked at the same time,"Wait what's weird?"

"There's no logout button," Klein replies with confusion.

"Really? But it's right-" Kirito questions as he opens the menu and gasps.

"Let me see," I interupt as I checked, and it turns out he was right.

There was no log out button.

I was in total shock, seeing that there was no logout button. Klein tried other ways of getting out, but Kirito tells him that the only way out is by using the logout button. Klein did try to contact to Game Master (GM for short), but he wasen't answering.

"Guys," Klein complains, his stomach growling again,"If I don't get out of here soon, I'll miss my pizza at 5:30 pm!"

"Well look at the time," Kirito reminds both me and Klein,"It's 5:25 pm. Your pizza will be there in 5 minutes."

"Aw crap! Not my garlic and teriyaki sauce pizza!" Klein complains again, his stomach growling louder.

"Oh shit!" I interupt, remembering what my mother told me,"I'm 25 mintues late from dinner! My parents are so gonna kill me if I- wait a minute garlic and teriyaki sauce?! Who the hell eats that kind of pizza?!"

"Well I do!" Klein interupts,"it tastes really good!"

"Uh, ewwwwww!" I screamed,"gross! That's a bad combination in pizzas!"

"Forget that," Kirito continues,"Look if anyone else knows about this, it's gonna make a huge impact to the players."

Soon enough, the clocktower bells starts ringing and for some reason, we're already teleported back to the center of the Town of Beginnings. Players were spawning everywhere around the plaza as we look around.

"What's going on?" I heared someone say.

"I don't know, but it seems...weird." I heard someone else say.

After the clockbell tower stopped ringing, I noticed something red up in the sky. It seemed to be blinking and that it read,"Special Announcement."

"Hey guys! Look up there!" I yelled to everyone as they stared at the red panel.

After a few blinks, one panel turned into multiple panels, covering the plaza like a dome. Then, a bloodspill came out from in between some of the panels, forming it into a person.

It's a huge red robed guy with no face. No, it's the Game Master.

"What the hell?" I heard another person ask in confusion, sounds like a girl,"Who is that?"

"And why is there no face?" someone else asks, probably a guy.

"Hello fellow players," the Game Master announces,"I welcome you to Sword Art Online. I am its creator, Akihiko Kayaba."

I stood in shock, unable to move nor talk. I heard some people start to ask questions like,"Is that true?" or,"Is he really Akihiko Kayaba?"

"Anyways," Akihiko Kayaba continues,"you might have noticed that there is a feature missing: the logout button. Don't worry. This is not a bug. I repeat, this is not a bug."

"Then...what the hell are we suppose to do?" I asked, but it sounded more of a whisper.

"Anyways," Akihiko Kayaba continues before everyone else starts asking the same question,"I have given you all a gift. It's all in your item storage now."

I openned it and took out a mirror that was just sitting in my item storage.

"What's so great about this?" I thought as I looked at my reflection,"There's nothing great about it.

Suddenly, someone became trapped in a mysterious glow, and so were some other people too. Soon enough, I was trapped in it too, feeling a difference to almost everything.

(To be continued. I'm still developing chapter 1 so it will take some time. By the way some part of what the characters are saying are probably close to what they actually say in the anime itself. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of the story so far. This chapter will be finished soon.)

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